10 Extraordinary Features

Writing Winning Proposals: Public Relations Cases, New 3rd Edition, is the only PR textbook: 1) with specific rules for writing the components of a public relations proposal/plan; 2) written entirely from a client-employer perspective to show students how to give clients and employers what they want in plans and the way they want it; 3) with instruction shaped by student discourse in 21 upper-division university classes in Writing Public Relations Plans; 4) with role play scripts for students to act out actual case events in the classroom; 5) with real case-related writing assignments; 6) with materials instructors can use over time in developing lesson plans for courses in Introduction to PR, PR Writing, PR Plans, and PR Campaigns; 7) that gives instructors and students a broad range of diverse cases to study in community relations and engagement, media relations, employee relations and empowerment, government relations; crisis management and prevention, risk communication, corporate communication, social media implementation, arts and entertainment, social responsibility promotional endeavors, and event planning; 8) written to motivate students to work in teams to develop PR plans and proposals to solve today’s recurring cases that students are most likely to encounter as they enter the profession; 9) that brings to academe precisely what executive managers want from public relations practitioners; and 10) with learning outcomes specified for each case based on communication theory and social science.

Opening this book is like opening the door to the real world of PR with an unvarnished look at the profession and its challenges. Authors of this book are Dr. Rebecca A. Gilliland, Distinguished Professor of Service Learning and Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Indianapolis and Thomas R. Hagley, Senior Instructor of Public Relations Retired, School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. Available from Cognella Academic Publishing at   https://titles.cognella.com/writing-winning-proposals-9781516516360.html