Are you writing PR plans clearly understood by business clients?

Just for fun and educational purposes, I drafted a mock pitch to business using terms from an article, “20 Insightful PR and marketing predictions for 2018,” written with contributions from PR/marketing professionals and published in the Sword and the Script newsletter. What does this say to you about writing public relations plans in terms that can be clearly understood by business clients?

Mr. Business Client, public relations/marketing predictions for 2018 are at an intersection of analysis and aspiration. As you know, my firm practices pay for play. We use Al tools and competencies to deal with convenience and friction, mostly to minimize friction. Our specialty is influencer relations, with an emphasis on micro-influencers, real influencers and paid influencers to develop plans for the fragmentation of influence. Your focus is customer-centric and 100% transactional. We completely understand your content marketing niche and the increased need for more content-driven conversations and to avoid any more hyper-targeted vapid rehashes.

We will show you how to extract value from your subscribed audiences using multi-touch campaigns rather than the mar-tech stuff. There’s a CRM system we would like you to see that drives engagement. We also found a way to execute a strategy of tactics to deliver opportunities that drive alignment and growth. Unfortunately, in this data-driven arms race, there has been a laxity in removing content. But we can cut through digital noise. That opens more opportunities to amplify clients’ content. You must pay attention to A/B testing, personalized web experience and algorithmic signals.

There has been an explosion in tools that mash-up and create dashboards plus new tools that chew on data to help provide action guidance on what to do next. We are tracing a pathway to purchase actions and to using physical world touches. We never follow bureaucratic marketing practices. We are experts in re-engineering marketing organizations to give clients what they want in the years ahead. 

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To write PR plans designed to communicate with business clients, read: Writing Winning Proposals: Public Relations Cases by Rebecca Gilliland and Thomas Hagley at



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