Public Relations Student Playbook






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The Public Relations Profession

  • Is public relations a good career choice?
  • The profession has challenges
  • Historic practices impede the profession’s growth
  • Its market value depends on how public relations is defined
  • What is jargon doing to the profession?
  • What’s it like to ‘sell’ public relations services?
  • What’s your preference: practicing PR or teaching PR?
  • Success in the profession requires a strategy

Getting started in the public relations profession

  • Get more out of public relations classes
  • Get superlative recommendation letters
  • Get what you want from internships
  • Internships, entry jobs and the matter of pay
  • Your portfolio presentation due!
  • Add leadership, rather than memberships, to your resume
  • Answer the tough job interview questions
  • Shud job inerviews inclood spelling tests?
  • Why did you bring an AP stylebook to this interview?
  • Influence prospective employers to hire you
  • Post your online image with purpose
  • Professional decorum: what does that mean?
  • Prepare for a surprise federal search and seizure of your files
  • Think now about teaching public relations later

Tactics to excel in class and at work

  • Improve your public relations writing in 16 controllable ways
  • Easily overcome writer’s block
  • Navigating over rocks of distrust
  • Little tips with big impacts in presenting speeches
  • What you need to know in writing for executives
  • Advise executives to lead with compassion
  • Show executive managers how to build cultural competence
  • Reduce stakeholder anxiety with corporate social responsibility
  • Growing need for online community engagement services
  • Build online networks to reach influentials
  • Is there a seat in the boardroom for the public interest?
  • Creating irresistible funding opportunities
  • Checklist for serious fund raising
  • Think of donors as ‘lost patrons’
  • Attract and retain a whole cadre of volunteers
  • How to select a public relations firm
  • What to do when your grade depends on other team members
  • A whimsical introduction to public relations plans
  • Preparing to write a public relations plan
  • Working and presenting effectively in teams
  • Use CPM to present public relations plans visually
  • Tactics for the first meeting with a potential client
  • What clients expect from PR account execs and consultants
  • Put a backbone in crisis communication plans
  • Gain confidence in responding to news media calls
  • Afraid to critique advertising proposals? If so, why?
  • Avoid outrage—know the difference between risk and crisis communication
  • Nuggets of wisdom to avoid hard knocks and to feel good

The Playbook is available on Amazon, link below, for $9.99.